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You wrote:

"I'm more worried about losing this job than anything else. I've put a lot into this, and while I make minimum wage, I actually like the job, spend a lot of time outside of work trying to memorize how to make the drinks and do it quicker, look forward to coming into work, and try and have fun with it. "

I would ask to meet with your boss and tell him this. It's very impressive. Though he does sound like a dick for meeting with you simply because some of your co-workers think you're "hard to read". That's really ridiculous. If you had gotten customer complaints about rudeness or something, then sure, but "hard to read"???? Since when does that qualify as a reason to get a talking to???

I worked in retail for 5 years and while I didn't know that "SA" had a name, I knew I was terrible at certain things. I was not good at working the sales floor, and my boss knew that, and instead of always criticizing (of course it came up at review time), she focused on what I was best at -- doing the registers, stocking, organzing the store, training new employees -- and had me do these things instead. Your boss should be focusing on your good qualities unless your "bad" qualities are interfering in how you do your job, and it sounds like they're NOT.

Good luck with this!! And congrats on all your progress!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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