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I can understand how you're feeling.

2 years ago, I started a job at KFC, and I had the most temperamental and irritable manager. She intimidated me, and she would yell at me a lot. However, I was doing a really bad job at customer service. My SA was really bad back then, so I think that's what caused me to be so bad at customer service. Everytime I came home from work, I would be so stressed out from her sniping at my back during work. Nonetheless, I was fired after working there for 3 months, and now I have reservations and cautions about working at fast food places like KFC and Mcdonald's.

I work at a pizza store right now, and I like it-because I work day shifts, and I have no managerial supervision! It's also a lot less fast paced than other fast food restaurants. I enjoy it because I am still able to interact with customers, and there's no need to put on those fake "have a nice day" scripts that they require you to say at Mcdonald's.

Well, it seems as though your manager is extremely demanding. I say just find another job if you can't deal with this guy.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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