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Cool story, bro!
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Second time around, slightly more polished
More life experience, youthfulness abolished
Ignorance was bliss, break up songs yearly
That’s what growing up is, now I see it clearly
My Radiohead’s creeping down the halls
Hears my flesh and my spirit fighting through the walls
They wrestle till day break-nick named Jacob
Lay straight and face fate, but when will I wake up?
Throw all my faults into a box then bury it.
Or hang them out to die like Judas Iscariot.
Split personality-rebellious and devoted
Am I truly saved? Oh my God that question’s loaded
Blow my mind out, slow time to a halt-
I’m afraid they’ll find out all my flaws and my faults
All these closet thoughts; they hang in the dark
I’m worn out; this life is no walk in the park.
These storm clouds stalk me, every steps a puddle
These rain drops mock me-I’m locked in a struggle
With no key or combination theirs no chance to break free
The constant consternation’s confirmation for me
Wander with no direction there is no final place
I just want to be unknown alone, behind my hiding face
With no sense of time and space-every moment I waste
If victory is sweet then tell me, what is this bitter taste?
Watch fellow critters race like rats through a maze
Their ambitiousness and passion just has me amazed
Not only do I not feel their prodding and push—
I feel caught in a riptide when they shoot me with looks
Their sad beady eyes-like they care that I fail
Or that I’m attacked by a panic they don’t even know is real
The odds are stacked against me; it’s never an even keel
a domino effect. You push. I fall and scream and feel.
Mom, what’d you expect? Expectations always kill.
I don’t own a single one; I sent them off in the night
Now I lie in my coffin, zone out and then write.
They say God softens impact when we fall into sin
It’s never more than we can handle, where does my tolerance end?
I get a call from a friend-press ignore and then think
About how nobody cares about me and how I need a drink
On a never ending mood swing the amusement is dead
The constant movement makes me sick theirs screws loose in my head.
I felt them lose the tread years ago- no use for them now.
They said the pills are supposed to help with that but I don’t know how.
I take one with a glass of water, its routine for me now.
Day in day out.
Another Day in then out.
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