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Although today started off on the wrong foot, I managed to do well enough in other areas to make myself feel ... well great. I'm in the process of being less risk averse and more assertive in my daily life. Over the course of the day, I did many things I would normally not do. I took it upon myself to initiate conversations in situations where I would usually wait for the other person to make the first move. This happened twice and went well both times (it really makes a difference when you start the conversation instead of waiting. Awkwardness is taken out of the equation which makes it a lot easier for everyone involved). Then during my biology lecture, the professor asked the class a question, and without thinking twice, I raised my hand and gave an answer. This was the first time the entire semester I spoke up during class. I surprised myself that I did it. Then after coming home, someone was at the door and I answered. It was one of those people going door to door asking for donations for a charity. Although these people are doing good, hell, it's my time, so I was pushy in letting him know I was not going to give him a penny. It felt great after what I did and then resumed my evening at home. I hope this positive momentum will keep me trucking through the next couple of days.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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