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What do you guys do when you go out with a girl?, I would ask some girl out but wouldent dont know what to do with her....... HELP ME, and tell me any tips and things that I shouldent do...........:D

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Okay so here is what you do see

First you gotta decide where your gonna take her ahead of time.

There are only 3 options see

1) A Coffee Shop or A lounge/bar type place, depending on what you feel is appropriate
2) Dinner
3) A Movie or some sort of a show

So after you Decided where you wanna go come up with concrete plans. So decide where your gonna take her for dinner or drinks, specific place. Make things easy on yourself, pick areas where things are not too happening.

Then you decide if your gonna pick her up or meet her. Always pick her up, way better, because you dont end up awkwardly waiting for someone. Go to her place, text her that your there, when she comes out, walk out the car and open the passenger door for her. Ofcourse if you dont drive then meet her someplace

During the drive have some light music in the background. Ask her questions. Three things women love to talk about

1) Herself
2) Herself
3) Herself

Ask her something like so what are you studying in school or what are your friends like or whats your favorite TV show.

In the words of Owen Wilson, Women are easy, you just ask them questions and listen to what they have to say.

When you get to the place, say a coffee shop, (Super for cheapness, and ligth dates) open the door for her. PAY FOR HER COFFEE OR DRINK

Continue asking her questions. Look at her eyes a lot, while also paying strong attention to her lips. Dont try and bring in heavy convo, this is a date, NOT YOUR THERAPIST. Talk to her about your favorite TV Show or movie you saw, or what you wanna do any future

If things are going well she will touch you on your shoulder, dont worry she will find a stupid reason too. touch her back.

Smile a lot, make sure you dont smell dont where too much cologne, wear clean clothes.

If you have a women laughing, half the battle is already won. Make stupid jokes, if she likes you she will laugh anyways. Tease her a bit NOT ABOUT HER WEIGHT but about dorky things like say

Hmmm you drink coffee in a strange way, lol,

A Super fun thing is to comment on other people in the place, i always make up stories about random people what they do for a living

Hmmm that guy looks like an English Professor,

After a while if the mood is light, and if its early ask her if she wants to go for a walk

When walking hold her hand, she wont decline i promise.

On the way back continue with the light convo, then decide if your gonna give her a kiss. If you are, make up your mind and wait for an awkward moment. Since its your first time, just a peck on the lips will do, No need to get toungey just yet.

Drop her off at home, dont call her the next day, call her the day after and set up the next date this time for Dinner

There anything else you wanna know
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