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Im going on a date in 2 days with a guy 10 years my senior (im 21)

i think he has some high expectations of me and believes im really
mature for my age because of the way ive been talking with him online.
Now im not saying im not but he might be expecting someone more
expierenced and really talkative. thing is im afraid ill blow it by talking
way too much in the beginning and later on letting the conversation slowly
die as ive done sometimes in the past when ive felt intimidated by someone.
For example if he is just waiting for me to stirr the whole conversation all night because that i cant.
im good in asking and listening and if i feel comfortable enough ill probally talk allnight and have no problems but i guess what im trying to say is what if im not? Really dont feel like having an awkward experience again.

what can i do to keep things interested? (no making out because thats something i never do on a first)

btw we're gonna grab some food then go to the movies.

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Do you mean interesting? If he's 31 and your 21 he's probably going to be the one trying to impress you.
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