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I don't know where to put this but...when I saw this video, I was taken away by how she execute the dance and I really love the theme and music in this! It's so surreal...

I seriously wish I could dance like that but I was wondering if the first thing in dance is to love yourself enough so you execute the moves more fluidly and trust your body enough to flung up in the air like she did here.

Another thing is that I like the part where she goes all limp and then proceed to do all those wild movements you see in this vid.

Anyways, my favourite part would be the very start where she lift herself up neatly with both her arms; guess it signifies the beginning of a hallucination.

Theme of the dance: Hallucination


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That link isn't working, I think this is the link for it:

In order to dance like that you probably have to be really really coordinated. I don't think it is enough just to be comfortable with yourself or body. I think these videos are really amazing- it's just like with athletes, you have to be a natural:

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