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kept in His hands
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I don't usually post in here but this poem was on my mind today. The quality of the stuff I've written isn't that great, but it's usually something others can relate to. Thanks for reading. :)


Daddy, Daddy
I love you so much!
But why is it
I can look but not touch?

Daddy, Daddy
Why won't you let me in?
I know....
You're drunk again.

Daddy, Daddy
Don't you understand?
You can't hold me
With that beer in your hand.

Tell me, Dad
What did I do?
Why can't you love me?
Why can't I get through?

Did you even want me?
Or was I just a mistake?
Did I shatter your dreams
When you married for my sake?

And why is it my fault
That you're so sad
When all I ever wanted
Was a dad.
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