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Okay so to start off I havent been on these boards in awhile but i used to come here a lot because i had moderate/severe SA. I had very low interactions with girls, only 1 gf to that point, drank to much to relieve anxiety....But now i can honestly say that Im cured. I love to have attention on me in front of strangers/friends. I am one of the loudest people I know lol. So many people tell me now im "hilarious" and "the best" and all that good stuff... Heres how i did it....

So october 08 i joined the air force and i left for basic with terribe anxiety. That was the worst part... Basic pretty much breaks you down and you do things uve never done b4... a lot of people say they changed. Not sure what it did to me but i came out opposite. After basic came Tech School, which is where u can get back to normal like hanging out with girls or just friends in general. I talked to anyones i wanted, i loved making people laugh and loved being in big groups. I would defiantly reccomend joining the military its changed me so many ways!!! :) you all can do it too!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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