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>Survival depends on one thing, security.
>The more people you have one your "team", the better your chance to defend yourself and "your group"
>If your different/weird/nervous, people see your different, thus do not trust you
>You are not contributing to their survival, thus they outcast you
>You develop a fear of being an outcast because your survival is now threatened
>Your family's survival is now threatened, because you are associated with them
>You love your family so that's the last thing you want


Your fear has developed out of out society's fear and mistrust for anyone who doesn't
cow tow to their "beliefs" and actions. Fact, you are you and you cannot change you and
you should not change you because you is all you have. You cannot cow tow to someone else's
view of who YOU are supposed to be. It's impossible. They want you to become just like them
because that's what they do. It's a primative fear on their part, not yours. Your anxiety is
actually a reflective falsehood based on someone else's insecurity.
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Cow tow. :lol
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