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Cruise Ships

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It's something I will never forget. I went on my first one when I was 16. There was a loooot of stuff geared towards teenagers on the ship. Parents were not allowed into some of the activities. Once we got into open waters I took full advantage of the bar and, the club, and the casino lol. I met an awesome young woman on board, her best friend, and we met two other guys, and we hung out together for the whole cruise. It was just...awesome. The food is just amazing. Pretty much anything you could ever want, they have, or will get for you.

Next June, my parents are taking me, my three kids, my sister and her family on a seven day, six night to the Caymen Islands, Cozumel other port I can't even remember. He's paying for everything, even some kids and I are going to swim with the dolphins and see some awesome places in some of the ports. We're going to be on the Liberty of the Seas, which is one of the biggest ships in the world. He got three rooms, ocean side, with balconies.

There are thousands of people on board, but anybody that has the opportunity should do will not regret it. The size of the ships is something that will just blow your mind, pictures do not do it justice. It's something I will remember, forever.
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The idea of cruises being claustrophobic with masses of people crammed in tin can ships is based on Carnival being that way. Pick a better line and the experience tends to be much better. Start with the midrange like Celebrity, Princess and Holland America.
I agree...Carnival does not have a reputation for being one of the better lines. I would say Royal Caribbean does.

Also, just about every news story you have ever heard about cruise ships being stranded at sea or having problems, turns out to be Carnival.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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