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Cruise Ships

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You HAVE to go. Cruises are my favourite type of vacation. I've been on 3 of them now and they were all great, even the one where we missed the boat and our 7 day cruise became a 4 day cruise. A lot of the cruise lines have anytime dining now so you can even ask for a table for two like you were going to a restaurant. I noticed that a lot of the people did go out of their way to meet people, and I still didn't really talk much, but I was with my sister most of the time and she was very social so it was okay. I want my next cruise to be on Oasis of the Seas but it's super expensive. But I want to go on that ship more than anything!
Haha I've been obsessed with Oasis of the Seas for a while. I really want to go on it one day. Check out this massive brochure.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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