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Hello Canadians!

On the sixteenth of July I am driving from eastern BC to the east coast to see Sappy Fest. After that I will explore the maritime provinces and then drive to the west coast in August. I may make my way down through Washington and Oregon and then up to the Yukon if I have enough money. I would really enjoy meeting and hanging out with some fellow SASers. I can make it to any point within around 300km of either branch of the Trans-Canada, I like to go off of the beaten path.

We could do some fun stuff, learn to ride a unicycle, go to the park, hit the used book stores. I'd also be up for just stopping by a coffee shop if that's what you wanted. Just let me know if you're interested.

If anyone is interested just let me know, post here, PM me or add me on msn (it's in my profile). I will have my laptop with me so you would be able to contact me at any point during my trip.
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