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On the drive home from work I started having negative thoughts but caught them, stopped them and forced them out of my mind. To help keep them out I started to think about some work stuff to distract myself and keep my mind on something positive and constructive. In the process I came up with a good idea. Congratulated myself for deflecting the negative thoughts and carried on.

But the negative thoughts were not quite dead and only a few minutes later they stormed back. They took me by surprise and almost got through my defenses... almost. I caught them and dragged them kicking and screaming out of my head. Once again I replaced them with constructive thoughts of work and this time improved the original good idea I had.

The negative thoughts were defeated. So far the negative thoughts have not returned. But I know there slimy kind to well to believe they’re gone for good. I know they're out there waiting, bidding their time and preparing the next attack.

and I will be ready.

... Any way:D that’s my courageous story of defeating the negative thoughts. Perhaps slightly over dramatized but hopefully entertaining.

Does anyone else have their own courageous ANT defeating story? If so please share
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