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I'm trying this "challenge" for a week where I will be identifying all my negative thoughts and developing questions & counter statements for them. Does anyone else want to try this also as a group?
either way, feel free to share your favorite negative self-talk statements that always go through your head :mum, or maybe we can help each other think of counter statements
some advice i got in developing counter statements, use non-negative phrases such as "i am" "i can" "i am learning" and stay in the present...also if you don't believe your counter statement, its better to question yourself. for instance, "what's the evidence? what's the odds?" hope this helps!


Situation: In class
Emotions: Afraid, low-self esteem

(1) "What if I will have to repeat myself ?"
(2) "What if my voice is too soft?"
(3) "I don't want to repeat myself because it is embarrassing--it is too much attention on me for an extra amount of time, and no one ever has to repeat themselves."
(4) "What if I get nervous?"
(5) "What if I don't make any sense?"
(6) "What if my pronunciation is wrong?"
(7) "What if I use the wrong words?"
(8 ) "What if I don't speak in complete sentences and people don't understand me?"
(9) What I want to say has already been said, what I want to say is nothing new or important.
(10) What I want to say does not make any sense, it is not valid and it is not smart enough.


Situation: At party, social events
Emotions: Nervous, dependent, negative

(1) People don't like me, no one likes me. Why don't people like me?
(2) How come I am treated differently?
(3) People are always thinking bad of me. People think I'm a weirdo. People think I'm super shy, people wonder why I never speak and think I'm weird.
(4) People always disagree with me.
(5) People are going to say something mean or say something I don't want to hear.
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