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Hey fam,

I've really been thinking a lot about my medications lately. Now that I'm going on being 3 months clean I really want to make sure I'm set up for success this time not failure, and I've come to realize that being on the correct meds and correct dosage is imperative.

I'm not asking for medical advice, simply feedback and personal experience. I know I'm in a place where I'm not alone and would love to hear from you guys.

Ok, so here's what I'm currently on:

*zoloft: 100 mg daily

*buspar: 30 mg daily (15 mg twice)

*inderal: 80 mg daily (20 mg 4 times)

*baclofen: 30 mg daily

I'm not sure if any of this matters, but just in case:

- Male, 32 years old, 6' 4" & 285 pounds.

I have a severe case of Social Anxiety (also diagnosed PTSD & Depression) which I am on disability for, it's that crippling. I won't leave the house (which ultimately mnakes my SAD worse! Grrr!) a lot of the time. I spent a lot of time self-medicating, hence the addiction.

What are typical doses that work well? I know it's usually on an individual basis, but I was wondering what others might be taking. The inderal and baclofen I'm not so concerned with.

Any other meds that aren't addictive that I could inquire about with my doctor? What have been your experiences in treating your SAD? I've been on xanax before but ended up abusing them so most benzo's are out. Maybe clonapin?

I really appreciate any feedback! I'm really trying to get it close to right this time so I can finally live FOR REAL!

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