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Could I have found a cure?!

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I might have overdone it with the title but heres what happened:

This past week has been rly good for me as far as my anxiety goes. Maybe its just a few good days in a row, or maybe its just all in my head but I think im actually making progress. I took a new approach to my anxiety. Instead of shying away or avoiding my anxiety, I decided to confront it. Get to know it. Love it in a sense. I did this to the point where I was almost forcing myself to feel anxious.

THIS IS FREE. I am not trying to sell you anything, and honestly this really isn't a program I went through. I listened to the tapes once, but it changed my perspective on my anxiety.

When I confronted my anxiety, something weird happened. On the one hand, my physical symptoms (for me are butterflies in my stomach) were magnified. On the other hand, my psychological symptoms didn't happen. My mind was not racing with negative thoughts, I could think relatively clearly, and the whole experience was quite uplifting.

Heres what happened. I went to look at colleges in boston over the weekend. I've been on college tours before and for some reason they get to me. On this weekend, I decided to try confronting my anxiety. At first it was hard. I would keep forgetting what I was supposed to be doing and kept slipping back into old habits, but eventually it got easier. At the end of the day I was exhausted, but strangely empowered. Don't get me wrong, the whole weekend was terrifying, but the good part came when I went home.

Going out to the grocery store or walking down the street, activities that used to give me some degree of anxiety seemed a little less overwhelming.

Im not gonna get my hopes up (it might be too late for that though :p) but i'll definitely be trying this more.
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