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If you've read some of my posts you will know I have pretty much only male contact and one male friend. I have the hardest time talking to other girls, BUT...

Yesterday, I was sitting in the waiting room alone, which that in itself was a huge thing because I will never sit in a waiting room alone as I feel too anxious, and was sitting one chair away from this girl. She was there alone, too. After a few moments of me sitting there thinking of every single reason in the world not to say anything(thinking she wouldn't say anything back, thinking she'd say something catty, thinking I wouldn't know what to say even if she said something back, and on and on,), I opened my mouth and said, what I thought was cheesy, that it was nice that the waiting room wasn't full today. I expected a response such as, 'yep', or 'it is', if anything. Instead she turned toward me(a good sign, I think), and said, 'It is. Usually I come here and it's so full, but I was so happy to see it wasn't because my boyfriend couldn't come with me and I hate waiting alone. (nice, big smile from her) Is it full when you come?"
I was honestly so surprised, I had no idea what to say, but it was different from when my mind goes blank with anxiety. I knew things to say, but it was delayed by my surprise. I told her that it was usually full when I came in, too, and it was a nice change today. I continued to say I didn't have anyone to wait with me today so I was glad it wasn't full, too.
We sat there and had a very nice, friendly chat for the next 15 minutes until she was called back. She wasn't in very long and I was still sitting there when she came out. She gave me a smile and waved as she exited the room. I am so happy I said something and it really made me feel a bit more confident about talking to girls, now. I feel I'll actually have something to say, now, that isn't stupid. :)

Only downside, I was so happy, I didn't think to ask for any name or contact info, but then again, it was just one of those offhand conversations, so I wasn't sure if I should have gotten her info, she didn't ask for mine. So, I'm guessing it's fine.
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