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I know theres been a couple of threads with tips for conversations, but these are hard to implement when your totally anxious with a blank mind..

everyone with SA triggers a flight or fight adrenaline response in certain social situations (different for everyone), thats what makes your mind go blank as your brains stops making associations, kinda like being shut off your own mind lol... so yeah it sucks, you end up leaving the impression of a retard, etc. but what can you do about it..

it would be perfect if we could just have zero anxiety all the time, like being drunk, but its impossible... thing is everyone has anxiety, we can control the triggers somewhat, but even to do that, your gonna have to desensitize yourself, facing your fears again and again until it drills into your mind

that means your gonna have to socialize with anxiety, depending on how bad your SA that could be from really unconfortable to almost impossible, but anyways if u find yourself ina conversation and you suddenly go blank, the most important thing is to relax, dont panic, and instead of trying really hard to come up with something to say, let those thoughts just pop up in your head...I know, you cant just stand there mute, well try to stall a bit if you can, the anxious state cant be mantained forever

the thing is, the more you learn how anxiety works, the easier it is to beat it
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