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I have been taking Nardil for about 27 months and mostly been pretty happy with it - at least, it has worked better than any other medication I have tried. It does a great job of calming my anxiety. However, ADHD is a big part of my problem, and Nardil does very little for that. As such, I am interested in trying Parnate, which I often read has a more stimulating, energizing effect and is even a bit similiar to amphetamine in its effects. I have previously taken dextroamphetamine (dexedrine - it was before Nardil) for ADHD and found it worked really well, so if I had something that combined the anxiety-squashing effects of an MAOI with a bit more energy and focus like dexedrine, I think I'd be in good shape.

I'm also attracted to the purported weight loss benefits of Parnate. I've found Nardil to be pretty weight-neutral, but diet issues/willpower/binge eating have been a long-time struggle for me and I recall that dexedrine was also helpful in that regard.

I've wondered about combining a low dose of dexedrine (like, 2.5 mg. - have actually done it on my own once or twice -yeah, yeah, no lectures, I was fine) with the MAOI but haven't run that by my doctor yet. I have a new doc and have only seen him once so far. He had no problem continuing me on Nardil but wanted to read more about Parnate before our next appointment before authorizing a switch.

Does anyone have any advice or experiences to share? Part of me feels that since I know Nardil works, I should just stay on it, but issues with focus/motivation/energy are huge for me and if Parnate might help that I feel I should try it.
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