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I sometimes wonder if anyone has been able
to conquer anxiety completely.

I know that deep inside us we all have the strengh
to become anxiety-free again, and never deal with
anxious feelings or thoughts again but how do we
go about it?

has anyone been able to cure anxiety completely?

Back in 2004 when I first had my first panic attack,
I was in Italy all by myself (and now I am in Romania) my
home country.... it wasn't easy in italy all by myself
and I was in a difficult situation as well where I didn't
have a job and I also quit smoking back then....
and I think these two factors highly contributed
to my first panic attack. I'm telling everyone this
story of mine because back in 2004 I had been able
to fully recover from anxiety and panic attacks for
3 short months (even though my initial symptoms back then
were much worse than they are now) I was basically
in panic mode 24/7...... highly anxious.... I don't
know how I have been able to regain my confidence back
then .......

After those 3 months..... out of nowhere I started feeling
anxious and depressed again. (and been like that for nearly 7 years

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