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I got in the building and found where I needed to go. I had to go to the bathroom though and I asked this guy. Jus being in school rattles me, get's my nerves going, and I could feel myself getting hot. Idk if I got red or started sweating, but I kept eye contact and listened so I got to the bathroom.

I went back to the place to see an advisor. It's like my symptoms of nervousness were different. Like I could feel my cheeks sweating. I wasn't red but I was sweating, that's something that normally never happens to me. But I maintained eye contact, listened and it was over like that.

I asked my questions, I was competent. Shook his hand, my hand really wasn't that clammy. Got signed up for my class. I'm only taking one, my coaches think it's the best idea.

I couldn't find my way out of the school and I was in the same hallway with only one person. Some gorgeous Indian type skinned girl and I asked 'are you lost too?' Talked to her for like thirty seconds.

It was jus crazy, over quick too. I had to go to some other office to register my class officially.

I didn't feel red. I jus felt really hot, and I know that my cheeks were sweating, like little beads or somethin. I had a hat on and my long hair probably caught some of tha sweat.

Jus a whole different feeling of nervousness. Like rattled like. I was able to hear it in my voice when I asked the first receptionist or whatever that I had an appointment.

It makes me take a deep breath. Idk what I'm getting into. I need to get like an A though because it's only one class and it only meets once a week.

The nervousness of me having to do this, like I got to, the nervousness of trying social skills in the most productive social setting I can think of. The nervousness of maybe meeting new friends or even the chance of a girl. All going through me. I need to make my only priority passing these classes and doing it competently.

It's like a new nervousness though. It's wierd. I never complained about sweating, unless it was my palms or armpits. Now my cheeks were sweating? The guy didn't care cause of my eye contact and me listening and asking questions ext. Luckly enough I wasn't dripping sweat or nothin like that. But he didn't even care. No facial expression changed. He went through what I needed to know. It was my eye contact and me listening to him, and knowing my questions and asking them when I wanted to. I showed competence. Sounds wierd, but I'm not at home tryna break sh*t and cursing myself out. So I guess it all ended well.

I don't know what I'm getting myself into, again.

I'm passing the class. I wanna get a high mark.

But yea that's my story updated August 2011.


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nice. i like how you were able to push thru all the symptoms of anxiety and at the same time you were aware of them. it takes strong will to do that.

yea class registration and first days are annoying. i got lost when i went on my uni tour and class registration day :lol

good job tho. keep it up. im gonna try to see if i can push thru the symptoms too

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Good luck and good job pushing through all the sweating and such. It's what I feel I'm going to have to do if I get a job. Just get through it even though I'm having a heart attack and possibly looking crazed while being in forced social situations. I guess practice makes perfect.

You're in one class, so you can put your focus there and I'm sure you'll get an A. :)
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