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Hello !

I've been on Citalopram for nearly 3 months, I started off on 20mg once daily in month one, then was upped to 40mg once daily, Which I've been on for a month and a half and am yet to feel a noticeable difference in my anxiety, Is this normal for ssri's ? I know they take time to work, But surely by now they should start to 'Work' ? Should I ask for the max dose of 60mg ? Or maybe another medication ?

Also I've been prescribed 5mg Diazepam Tablets, What would be the most effective way of taking these ? I find 40mg to take the edge off my anxiety a lot, To the point I feel normal, But that seems a high dosage for one day (8 Pills) I've only got 28 tablets until I visit my GP again in 2 weeks time, Are there other Benzo's which are stronger ? Or should I just ask for the 10mg packs and more boxes ? I don't wan't to seem desperate to my doctor though, But it takes the edge off things for me, Its like for once I've found something that works.

I'm not relying on drugs though entirely, I've got my mental assessment at a mental health hospital on the 4th January for CBT.

Thanks !

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