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Heyas, :)

I’m a lil hesitant to post this at the present…

I just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone is interested. There’s a pow-wow at the UIC pavilion in downtown Chicago (Nov. 11th-13th weekend), and my family will be attending. I do not yet know if we, two SAS members here, will go along with them.
The thing is, we are in California at the moment and flying home just before the pow-wow…so, I’m not exactly sure how we will feel about going to Chicago right away. If there are some Chicago ppls that would like to check it out/meet up, then it would make it worthwhile for us to go.

We would be at the pow-wow on Fri-Sat-Sun, so we could meet up on any of those days. If you aren’t interested in the pow-wow we could just meet up in the area for dinner er something. If you are interested post back or pm me…I can explain things more in depth and all that. Anyway, I’ll probably feel pretty crappy about posting this if I can‘t make it…oh well…give it a shot.

Much love y’all,

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