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Well, this is one cheezy/corny/lame poem I made up about two-three years ago when I was feeling totally depressed/hopeless/alone. And though it sux and the language use is prettey fourth grade, i liked the message behind it. I just remembered it yesterday, and even though it will never get published, I guess I decided to share it with ppl this way.

So far no land is seen
But I have all my life to sail
May never find a solid dream
But I have all my life to fail

They never knew how much it meant
How hard it was to give a try
So far no angels came my way
I know they're cheerig from the sky

Judgement covers people's hearts
Feel it in the alien crouds
But still I smile because I hear
The angels cheering from the clouds

And to the day they dig my grave
I'll try to make them see
And if they don't, I'll die knowing
The angels cheered for me :)
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