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Cant seem to move past this ):

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I have dealt with social anxiety almost all of my life. Im 22 now. I let something someone said to me about a year ago make me worry about something else. I worry a lot that if I smile while talking to someone, they are gonna think I am laughing at them or think that I think they are stupid. So I try to keep my mouth really still. This prolly sounds wierd lol. And the hard part about this is that I smile when I get nervous so im trying to force myself not to smile. That is my biggest fear that I am going to hurt someones self esteem.

Can anyone relate to this or am I alone on this one lol?
Any tips to stop worrying like this?
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Yes I can relate to this. The goal is to be authentic, to be "yourself" and this is very much easier said than done. Perhaps you grew up in an environment where you had to be careful what you said, what you did, in case you upset someone, or "made" someone angry. Perhaps you have learned that you have to "be careful" around others. This is how it was (and is to a lesser extent) for me, and it is impossible to "be yourself" when you are constantly on your guard, with all the background mental processing and worrying going on.
i have similar issues

You're not alone..i have anxiety at that level where i can barely participate in a conversation. I have distracting anxiety thoughts like your's, as if im scared of every movement or word i speak. I have trouble smiling, and i get a fear feeling in my face which distracts me when talking it people.
I wish i knew how to help. I wish it was easier to be ourselves.
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