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I sometimes wonder if i'm unhireable.

my resume isn't that great. never worked anywhere for more than a year. my bosses never seemed to like me and got frustrated with me often. coworkers never talked to me.

i don't know who to use as a reference because i hardly have any non-family relationships or any professional references.

was never involved in anything at school, got somewhat decent grades, but was never exceptional. i dropped out of college, so that doesn't look too good.

i'm extremely shy and awkward so when i interview for a job, it usually doesn't go to well, and i feel that they'll see that i don't have the social and interpersonal skills for the job.

i've attempted to sell jewelry and charms ive made, but haven't sold much, and don't know if its worth the work. plus idk if id be able to support myself with that.

i just don't know what to do. i just know i need a job fast so i can move out and get on with my life... >_<
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