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Is it possible for people with little or no friends due to social anxiety to become content? I've always wanted to be social cause I extroverted people having such a good time, but are they really having a good time on the inside? I hear people complaining about how miserable their lives are because of something, and I think "Well, at least you've got friends to listen to your problems" but then I think, would I be the same way if I didn't have SA?

I've talked to people online who have said they don't care that they have no real life friends, they're happy with being alone. Is such a thing really possible for us? I know extroverts have a good time, but if we tried, could we have a good time on our own? People always say life is better with friends, but most of those people are social butterflies, so how would they know?

Sorry if I've offended anybody with this post. Just thinking, probably a little too much.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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