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I don't think anyone naturally wants to not have any friends at all, but I think some people like to have fewer friends. Some people aren't as social.

I am still working on this issue myself, and I tend to be a lot by myself. Although I also live with housemates. Partly for me I think it is bc of SA, I only feel truly comfortable when I'm by myself, or sometimes with just one other person, out socially, I can feel good. Group situations always feel stressful for me, not easy and good. So I push myself a bit to do that type of thing, and then mostly alone.

I also have the hope to build some more satisfying relationships with other people. I am working on that!

I do also think more time alone leads to more alienation and difficulty in being with other people. So I think it's always good to think about what your goals are, and take some actions to stretch yourself a little, put yourself out there a bit.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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