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Called the clinic

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Today I did something I never did before: I called my clinic and set myself an appointment with my family's physician.
I haven't been to a doctor for something like 7-8 years, I think, because I hardly get sick or feel bad (thankfully), and calling places when I don't absolutely have to scares me.
But my parents have been telling me I should go and have some blood tests run on me just in case. Since I don't exactly try to live healthy, I hardly do any exercise, then I might be at risk.

Anyway, this simple call took a huge amount of thinking and planning... I began to think about it 3 months ago, discussed it with at least 4 people, tried to find out exactly what to say, what's the exact procedure, the correct terms to use. Then I postponed it again and again until a time when I'd feel good enough.

Unfortunately, something went wrong... Apparently, because I haven't been there for so much time, my name didnt' even appear on the list of the clinic's patients! I panicked for a while but the receptionist said she found it and fixed it and it's gonna be ok. I really hope so... :afr

But guess what, I was actually pretty sure of myself, I didn't stutter, I didn't speak in a hushed voice, I think I sounded pretty much self assured, even though I was shaking inside all the time.

I know this sounds stupid, but I think this is one of the first "adult" things I did by myself.
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Awww thats great to hear. :banana
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