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Bury Yourself in a Giant Egg
By Bloodcopy Staff, 12:30 PM on Wed Jun 10 2009


More Pictures at website

Who wants to be buried in a plain old pine box? Or sleep in one? Apparently there are enough people wanting to pimp out their eternal resting containers to have spawned at least two specialty coffin-making companies.

• The first is Vic Fearn and Company (covered by Gizmodo here) , a British coffin maker that got a lot of coverage for their basket casket, guitar coffin, and ballet slipper. Click here for a virtual tour of their gallery. And here for a video profile.

• Then we have the Coffin It Up Couple of Las Vegas who build custom coffins and related items out in the middle of the desert. Looks like they've branched out into casket-inspired built-in cabinetry. Full gallery here.

• Then of course we have the legendary Kiss Kasket. Sadly it's no longer available. Looks like Dimebag may have gotten the last one.

• Like to drink ****ty beer? Illinois resident Bill Bramanti did--so much so that he will Rest In Eternal Drunkenness encased in a commissioned PBR-can casket.

• Pretty sure this guy didn't break the world record for building coffins by making giant ballet slippers. The Austrian carpenter made 707,335 coffins over 30 years.

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Oh I am so going to tell my family that I want to be buried in a ballerina shoe. :D I told them I want to be an organ donor. So the rest of my bits and pieces can go in the shoe.
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