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Ok so i'm in my final year of school and last year was fine for me (even though i did start at a new school) because i had at least someone i kinda knew in each class.
However this year, in one of my classes i don't know anyne have absolutley no one to talk to, NO ONE, and the worst thing is they all know each other and sit there talking in every lesson while i just sit there and look like an idiot. There arent even the type of people i like i.e typical goes out every night, gets drunk, doesnt give a toss about school etc etc
I also hate both the teachers as my lessons are like disscussion lessons and they go round asking everyone for their opinions etc, and i always give really rubbish answers and that makes me feel stupid as i can feel everyone is staring at me and thinking i'm the stupid one.

It's now at the point where i don't go to most of the lessons but i have to do well in it to get into uni, esp since its the subject i want to study. I have no idea of what to do,ive already had to talk to one of my teachers about it but i think he now just hates me.
It's gotten esp worse since the last thursady when i had a really embarrasing moment and got laughted at . :eek:ops
has anyone else been in the same situation n what did u do about it. I honestly cant see myself going to that class for the whole year n im also just thinking of bunking whole days off school because i hate it.
oh well thanks for reading... hmm maybe i should have posted this in frustration.
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