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I didn't know if I should have put this here or in Spirituality, so sorry if it's the wrong place.

Both my parents are Buddhists. My dad was a Catholic, then an Athiest, and now a Buddhist. My mum was a Christian until the people at the church started acting cold towards her when my sister come out as a lesbian.

I've always been really sceptic with any religion and thought it wasn't for me, I don't like the idea of a group of people telling me what I can and cannot believe in.

My mum keeps telling me to go to a meeting with her as it may "help" me. I'm planning on going to shut her up. I will try and go with an open mind, I just seriously don't think it will convert me.

I'm more worried about meeting loads of groups of new people .____. I have to say I have met loads of my parents Buddhist friends and they are REALLY nice people, so that's a plus.

Has anyone else been to a church or whatever and have found it uncomfortable? or do you find it more comfortable for some reason? I really don't like talking in a group.
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