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how do you get over it and realize there just might be someone else in this world that you will actually like just as much?
Chalk it up to being his loss and cut off all contact and reminders. The feelings wear off with time as long as you don't dwell on it.

(i am aware of how dumb this sounds..but i never thought i could go on a date with a person and after one night have it be so beautiful and affect me so much. now its gone and i have to deal with it. it hurts a lot.)
It sounds like you're suffering from lust and infatuation (everyone does sometimes). They are powerful, but blinding and deceptive emotions. Don't allow them to fool you into thinking he was "perfect" or "the one" after a single date.

Draw on your experience here for when the next one comes along and you'll be less likely (even if only slightly) to let your emotions take control over you like that.
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