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Brighten Up Your Computing with the Colorful Luxeed U5 Keyboard
by Tom Milnes on April 30, 2009

source: light-up-your-computing-with-the-updated-luxeed-u5-keyboard

Luxeed U5 color LED Keyboard Pretty much everyone tap-tap-a-tapping away at a keyboard has noticed how the standard black, silver and blue colors that have dominated personal computing over the years have been challenged recently. On the PC end of things Dell has led the way recently with its splashy Design Studio laptop models, while Apple broke the color barrier ahead of the curve with the iMac, iBook and AlumaMax. But this has been all on the outside. Unfortunately there has been far less color on the inside of things, where the majority of us have the most contact with our boxes. Sure there is the Optimus Maximus and other OLED models, but we need more, much more. Thankfully, Korean peripheral manufacturer Luxeed's color-changing desktop keyboard from a few years back is getting an update in '09.

The new version, seen in the upper right corner, is the Luxeed U5. Not nearly as flashy as the previous model, which came off as a total sci-fi immersion experience straight out of the firing room of the Deathstar, or perhaps the equally phantasmagorical experience of a dance floor of a "Saturday Night Fever" era discotheque, but the new model still manages to liven things up. It features colorful, programmable and patterned LED buttons, and maybe most importantly is compatible with Macs, as well as Linux and Windows based PCs. Pretty nice. My only qualm is that I can't order a laptop with this configuration. Now if Luxeed could bust into that market, look out!

Unfortunately Luxeed's translated Korean site is pretty limited and limp, but reports that the the U5 is available for pre-order in Korea now for the equivalent of $77. It should eventually be available in all markets, but there is no news on that as of yet.

--Tom Milnes

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77 USD is the equivalent of about $104 which can be used to purchase 52 plates of chicken rice which comes to about 20,800 calories which is about half a month of reactor fuel for me.

I hereby select the chicken rice option.
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