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Cool story, bro!
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I’m calling in my bets tonight, I’ll collect later.
Brawling with regret tonight, I respectfully hate her.
Guys, I know I’m distant-you likely don’t understand
Friendship remains consistent but I’ve become some other man
I can’t say it’s for the best, and I can’t say it’s for the worst.
All I can say is I’m a mess and these pills have never worked
I always have rejected the thing that makes me well
I’m under the influence, please come and break the spell.
Apologize in advance for the things I never said…
And all the things I did say but they never left your head.
That was the liquor talking. I was the outlet for a soap box
It wasn’t my fault -I can’t swallow my pride my throats locked
Mother will be shocked. My big brother won’t be surprised.
He said that father was this way until the day he died.
I won’t be my sister’s hero; my blood is laced with shame
But I can’t fight genetics and it’s there you trace the blame.
Or maybe make excuses, or abuse substance.
Or maybe fake bruises, or choose reluctance.
Or vaguely recall devotion of daily faith in motion
Peace to Clayton Holman, but I beg for a second Notion.
Knocking on heavens door-My fist is sore and swollen
Is there a lock on heavens door? My wrist is sore from pullin
I never was a lock smith. Locked stiff in grief.
Outer box perception: with a boxed in belief.
Painters mix your blues and grays
Choose the face that conveys your rawest thoughts
Writers grab your pens and gaze into the
White abyss where all is thawed and lost
Worried mind for days with an anxious heart
It’s a blurry line that fades when it’s yanked apart
Fast paced thoughts force slow decisions
It’s a slow contrition, but what a beautiful art…
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