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kept in His hands
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When I think about my life
and my blessings great and small
I know the things that matter most
aren't really "things" at all.
For the bounty and the beauty
in my life that I most treasure
Are simple daily blessings
I cannot count or measure.

Friends who love me as I am
and through their love impart
Courage for my journey, and
a glimpse of God's own heart.

It's true that I don't have
all those "things" I'm longing for
But I have all I need to live
and ever so much more.

God's simple daily gifts confirm
the truth that I embrace
Just to be is blessing
Just to live is grace.

author unknown

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I wish I have 'friends who love me as I am.' Well I think I do, I just find it hard to accept, but I know I will learn to do that. Yeah I agree with the poem that just to be is blessing, just to live is grace. Of course we have to work hard in life too, but many of us try to control everything in our lives and fail to appreciate how much we already have whenever we lose control in any tiny areas of our lives. God has given us so much, the greatest gift is Jesus Christ for our redemption, so we can experience His love in our lives, the love that never changes, ceases or falters.
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