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well, ill ask my question in this thread of you dont mind, because it's also about bipolarity.

today i went for the first time to the psychiatrist after about 25 days of paxil (that my family doctor prescribed). after a londg descussion with the psychiatrist he suggested that i might have a slight bipolar disorder, of the kind that meds ignite. i truly recognize my life as being a bit bipolar (my uncle and my grandmother are bipolar) and the paxil had definetly ignited a strong manic-depression cycles. nevertheless the paxil hasn't "lifted" my constand mood for even a bit (being taking 20mg).

the thing is that the bipolarity symptoms i feel are not the usual ones but they most fit this description of "Cyclothymic Disorder":
"Chronic fluctuating mood disturbance involving periods of hypomanic symptoms and periods of depressive symptoms. It is a milder form of bipolar disorder; the periods of both depressive and hypomanic symptoms are shorter, less severe, and do not occur with regularity. Many, but not all, people with cyclothymic disorder may ultimately develop a more severe form of bipolar disorder."

my question is, whats the chances that my ups and down are more likly to be SA symptoms or is it really a mild case of bipolarity?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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