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Binge eating

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I eat too much and it is making me really unhappy and obese and poor. Does anybody else here struggle with this?

Today I ate a large doner kebab, a pie, some fudge and a whole sharing bag of Cadbury's Heroes. I'm binge eating again. It's costing me a fortune - the doner kebab on its own was £7.50 which is a lot of money.

This time last year I was in excellent shape. For a middle-aged man I looked pretty decent. I still do 100 push ups every day and lift weights. I also walk for well over an hour each day to get to work. But I've started to get really flabby.

Since I became a Christian I gave up drinking too much alcohol and a lot of other bad habits that used to comfort me. But those bad habits have been replaced by cramming my face full of pies and takeaways.

I'm too fat to go out running as it will wreck my knees. So idk how I'm going to exercise off all this weight. Any ideas please?
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Ye, I have binge eating issues.

The first thing to do is make it harder to binge, and if you do, you don't do as much damage. Remove all ultraprocessed food from your food environment, and ideally stop eating it all together. But removing it from easy access is the first thing.

This applies to times when you are out, you don't want to be buying food when hungry, always prepare food. It doesn't have to be healthy, but it does have to be prepared, because once you buy food, you buy the ultra processed, and then 3 mins later you have inhaled 3000 calories and undone a week's not binging. (My experience).

Binging works like this. There's a timer, in your brain (there isn't, but the metaphor makes sense). The longer you go without binging, the easier it is not to binge. Put as much distance between yourself and the last binge. That means it gets easier.

It's a cliche, but be kind to yourself. You binge due to habit, neurochemistry and other issues. When I visit my girlfriend, I put a lock on a cupboard and she stashes all her sons junk food in there. This is what you have to do if you are serious about fixing this stuff. It also demonstrates the variation in neurochemistry. Her genes mean they can literally eat half a chocolate bar and leave it. It's ****ing madness, but it shows its not your fault. Most people have some level of struggle with this, some people have none. Genetics.

That said, you can still overcome it.

Forget weight loss for now, get the food you are eating nailed down. If you stop binging g, the weight loss happens by itself. No exercise needed.

The final thing, a piece of advice, just don't eat ultraprocessed food. Nothing from a packet with a long list of ingredients. Up your vegetable intake. The thing that people don't know, honestly, it's mental..

Taste adjusts. Simpler food tastes like ***, until your brain forgets what the heroin food (ultraprocessed) tastes like. Then it tastes delicious. Don't eat anything that tastes too nice, let your taste adapt, and soon you find tins of pilchards and runner beans delicious (literally my experience). Then, if you mess up and binge, you ate an extra 1000 calories, who cares, whatever.

But all the while you are jacking your taste buds with foodular heroin, you will binge.

You asked for what to do, this, in my experience, is the price of controlling binging. My opinion only.
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Sorry for double post but just to say:

I only had two meals today. First I had 125g penne pasta with 100g quorn mince and a tomato, oregano and cinnamon sauce. Then just now I had 125g penne pasta in a tomato and basil sauce. That's presumably less than 1500 calories so I'm doing okay today.

I found that if I go directly home from work and don't go into any shops, then I'm not going to get tempted by junk food and pies when I'm most hungry. I can buy dried pasta and frozen quorn and it keeps for ages. So I don't need to keep going into the shop on the way home now. I can also walk a route home that doesn't go past any takeaways.

I also did 100 push ups, lifted some dumbells (shoulders and biceps), and walked for well over an hour to get to and from work, as well as walking around doing my job. I think I'm going to be okay (y)
Good call re the route.
The less you have to tax willpower the better.

I think we tend to cling to an ideal of behaviour. "I should be able to resist this" so we don't take the steps needed to actually help us. The bingey part of the mind is more than happy to lead us into those environments for this, or any other reason. Just better to cut that **** off at the source and not expose oneself to the temptation at all.

"I have failed now, so might as well continue", also a classic of my mind that props up the behaviour.

Good job with those changes, hope it makes things a little easier :)
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