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Binge eating

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I eat too much and it is making me really unhappy and obese and poor. Does anybody else here struggle with this?

Today I ate a large doner kebab, a pie, some fudge and a whole sharing bag of Cadbury's Heroes. I'm binge eating again. It's costing me a fortune - the doner kebab on its own was £7.50 which is a lot of money.

This time last year I was in excellent shape. For a middle-aged man I looked pretty decent. I still do 100 push ups every day and lift weights. I also walk for well over an hour each day to get to work. But I've started to get really flabby.

Since I became a Christian I gave up drinking too much alcohol and a lot of other bad habits that used to comfort me. But those bad habits have been replaced by cramming my face full of pies and takeaways.

I'm too fat to go out running as it will wreck my knees. So idk how I'm going to exercise off all this weight. Any ideas please?
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I have had this problem too since my mid teens. I've tried eating right, dieting, starving myself etc but if something triggers it (like years ago when I was trying to diet, some online 'friend' started picking on me, said 'go eat a big chocolate cake'. I was in tears for days, even exercise didn't help and I fell off the wagon, started eating junk food again) I go back to eating the wrong things. It doesn't help that I've been a fussy eater since childhood either.
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