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I know I could go on a cycling forum but I don't feel like signing up. I know there are some cyclists here, anyway.

My rear tire on my bike has some serious wear in one spot and I'm thinking that's the cause of this "skipping" type of noise (this is heard when I'm not pedaling, but only when I'm actually riding the bike and therefore putting weight on the tire). I'm thinking it's from this hard skid I did from a sudden stop one day. No, I am not riding fixed gear and purposely skidding. :no So, if this annoying noise is coming from that, is there any way I can "patch" this particular spot or should I just go for a new tire. The tire is fairly new and I don't want to go through the process of buying it and putting a new one on. Plus, the noise could be from something else and this could be coincidence (doubt it). I'm wondering if I made it worse and actually caused the noise to come about. See, I put a bit of tape on the worn area and it kind of spread/melted over that area, and that area attracts all kinds of dirt and other matter. I took as much as I could off but it's still making that noise. I've had a enough bike shop visits and it's kind of embarrassing not knowing anything.

Also, my bike just seems very slow, even after a tune-up. Again, I don't want to go back to the bike shop because it's embarrassing and it could just be me and not the bike in this case. It really does seem to drag, though. I was just riding another bike that I have that is too small for me, but that bike is pretty much fine, otherwise, besides a frozen link problem that I am working on. It seems to ride faster, or at least I get speed a lot more easily.


I took a long ride today and realized it may be something else. While I lean the bike to the left while riding, the noise goes away. Also, the noise will go away when I shift my weight on the right pedal while on the bike. So, I'm thinking it has to do with something on the right side, maybe the crank. Of course, I really don't have the tools to tighten it or take it apart.
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