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Any other fans here?

Or even Beyonce-haters (though I don't see why someone would hate her)...would be interesting to see from your point of view.
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I'm not only inspired by her as a person, but even more by her family...which to me is the ideal way a family should be...everybody supports one another and in the end everybody wins...the parents are successful and pass on their knowledge and great morals to the's something I never had and sadly most people never have. Another such family are the Quintanillas, the parents and siblings of Selena (adored her too)...they all supported each other as well... It is so beautiful and inspiring to know this can exist.... Read: ... i_77556552
wituckius said:
She's hot and that is about it. Her music is horrible and that destiny's child group makes me want to puke everytime one of their songs comes on.
Well...I don't really like their more popular music either (the one you hear on the radio over and over) like Soldier, Lose my breath and Say my name. It's the other songs that are thought-provoking and deep - Happy face, Speechless (Beyonce's), and Love, for example, that are the real treasures. :teeth
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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