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This is about benztropine (brand name congentin)... not benzodiazepines.

This may be a stab in the dark but I know there are a lot of knowledge people on the board. I was wondering if anyone takes congentin or knows how it works. It is an anticholinergenic drug, similar to benadryl. I am not sure what the difference is though, other than benadryl is over the counter and congentin is prescribed. I presume the effects of congentin are longer-lasting but I'm not sure.

I am on .5 mg of risperdal. Risperdal and 10 mg. celexa. They have helped with paranoia and panic attacks and depression, but I still have a lot of restlessness, it is hard for me to sit still and relax. . Benadryl works temporarily but I really don't want to be taking benadryl all the time. I was wondering if there is some advantage to congentin (benztropine) over benadryl.
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