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Both Workshop Series and Intensive Weekends are offered.

I feel compelled to write a brief introduction to these classes as I am, myself, a "recovering" shy person. As a "recovering" shy person, I have personal experience with the effects shyness can have on our lives--most notably with the discomfort and missed opportunities that almost always accompany shyness. Like many shy people, I wasn't shy in all areas of my life. I have never been particularly shy about doing psychotherapy or teaching guitar (my former occupation), nor did I lack the confidence to confront people when I felt I had been wronged, but ask me to go to a party, speak up in class or make a cold call and I would shrivel. Those of you who are shy, know what I mean--the times when you mustered the strength to speak only to find the moment has passed and the conversation moved on. It feels good not to be there anymore--at least not very often. To do and say what I feel in the moment without being burdened by internal dialogue that questioned my ability to participate in the things that happen around me.

But don't let anyone kid you, shyness takes time to overcome. It's just that if you don't start somewhere--you guessed it--you'll never get anywhere. The classes listed below represent a start. They can be mixed and matched with the classes on the Social Skills page of this website or with any of the other social skills classes now taught by many adult education programs throughout the country. For people who feel too vulnerable to begin their work in a classroom setting, I encourage you to consider individual psychotherapy with someone like myself who has expertise in social anxiety and phobia related disorders.

More Info:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (425) 455-5400
Address: 40 Lake Bellevue Drive, Suite 100, Bellevue, Washington 98005
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