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One of my friend's, who is also kind of introverted, blames my anxiety and dissatisfaction for being "closed-minded". Especially when it comes to finding things to do in my spare time, like outside activities, involvement, etc., she always makes it a point to tell me that if I wasn't so narrow-minded, I would definitely find something I'd like because no place, regardless of population and size, is "really different" in her opinion.

For example, I live on both the west coast and east coast. West coast locale is relatively dense, there are more people and, in my opinion, more to do. East coast is relatively small. I live near a beach town which gets populated every now and then. I feel a little better on the west coast because I get involved in my local religious group and certain activities (since I live near a big city) which I can't do on the east coast because I live near a really small locale that doesn't have these kinds of activities. On the east coast, I do live near a small beach town that gets very popular in the summer, but most of the activities there are for people who really like fishing, certain ocean-water things, which to be honest, is not something I'm into. Basically, I've noticed in bigger locales, it's easier to find different kind of activities whereas in smaller areas, there are mostly specific activities of interest to get involved in.

Regardless, on the east coast, I have joined the gym and taken a cake-decorating class. I even took a sailboating class (upon my dad's request), but I learned it wasn't my thing. Still, my anxiety there gets worse, because I get extremely lonely; the town is rural and there isn't a "community" like setting there. I have tried to go out in the area and do things, like I have mentioned, but I do feel like the locale really matters in terms of finding certain things to do.

Anyway, when I told all this to my friend and she told me I was narrow-minded, I thought it was kind of hurtful. She's never lived in a different town than the one she is now so I don't know how she can really say that I'm closed-minded just because I find my niche in a bigger area like a west coast locale as opposed to a small, ruralish, beach town area like the one I'm in on the east coast. I'm really trying and I don't know where I'm going wrong in terms of trying to be open-minded. I guess it comes down to making the best out of your situation, but sometimes it feels like there are obstacles, no matter how hard you try. :blank

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