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im in therapy at mo and startin to feel ready to take my therapy out into the real world i.e behavoural therapy. unfortunatley i dont have access to group behavoural therapy i think this would help a lot but a general anxiety hierarchy for me goes somthin like 1. walk the dog.
2. going in a shop.
3. going to a city shopping.
4. making a phone call.
5.going into a shop to ask a sales assistant somthing
6. appointment at dentist / doctors
7. looking for a job
8. job interview
9. having a job

anyways, would be cool to hear from other people that are doing or have done the same sort of thing just to get ideas and so on.

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sounds good but you need to learn new anxiety coping skills and relaxation methods as yours now obviously now arent good enough

also helps to use valium and carry a few tablets when out just in case
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