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I have noticed alittle bit more energy and a better mood while taking a super B complex,but When I was just taking stress tabs my energy went down.I'd like to know if I can take both the B complex and the stress tab in one day.I don't have to take it at the same time.I guess I want to know how much vitamin B you can take daily. The complex only has B's Vit C,folic acid,and just a couple other things.The stress tabs only have B6 and12 Plus some other good stuff like iron,niacin,calcium,and other things.Has anyone ever taken these two things at the same time?I just need more energy and I need to come out of this depression.Its hurting my relationship with my partner and I'm not taking my son outside and doing things with him like I should.I just need any help I can get.I will do my research before I try this.I just want to know if anyone does this or can recomend something to go with my B complex to give me more energy.Thank you.
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