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I do that too, only when I'm particularly low. I say to myself, "right, I'll lie down and go to sleep," but it doesn't last five minutes before I have to switch on the light and distract myself with a book or the internet. I think it's a fear of just being alone with my thoughts, letting them run riot.

Two suggestions: get a good book and a reading light that you can switch off without getting out of bed. Watching TV in bed wil just keep you awake - it's the flashing light and movement. A book is more relaxing - it will keep your mind distracted until you fall asleep with your face in it ;)

Alternatively, spin yourself a happy fantasy when you're lying waiting for sleep. easier said than done sometimes, I know, but give it a go. Try not to give headroom to thoughts that are going to bother you.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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