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Hi guys, I'm doing cinematography as part of my film university course and I'm thinking of doing something based around autumn for my project since it is autumn and I can film autumny scenes which doesn't require having a person act in (since I don't know anyone who would - SA and all). Anyway I was wondering if anyone knew any good autumn poetry I can have being read in the background (just so the audience aren't bored with a silent film).
Also if anyone's written anything or would like to get all creative that'd be cool! I may have a go myself but I'm a bit rubbish haha. Or maybe just have someone recalling memories of jumping in fallen leaves and carving pumpkins as a kid, as an audio track, would be nice.
If anyone can help I'd apprecite it HUGELY!! :D

(By the way, youtube the short film 'how far left' for the kind of thing I mean!)
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