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Does anyone have it ?
I am pretty sure I have it. It's also called Auditory Dyslexia. It's the inability to understand (process) sometimes what the people are saying or can't hear properly a word, so you ask them to repeat 2-3 times and they think you're stupid or just agree with what they say having no clue what they did talk about.
It's very frustrating to have this along with SA. The jobs I can do are very very limited.
I was at the police station yesterday (to validate some documents for a job) and the police officer told me something and I said, sorry what ? He wanted to give me a paper to sign it. After I understood what he was talking about (to sign a paper) I couldn't see the paper which was exactly in front of me. (This could be ADHD related as APD and ADHD have a close relation).
I can report hundreds of examples like this.
When I was at a super market to sign for a job (which now I am thinking not to do it because of APD) the responsible person of the store told me to call me later for some reason, which I did not understand.
An other example with my friend. We were out and I told him to call another friend to join us. I thought he answered "let him call us or come alone" while he actually answered "give me your phone to call him" (in my language these words could be very identical when you hear them)
Do you have it ?

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I think I have it, but I don't think they diagnose it where I life. I know from my dyslexia diagnosis that my spelling mistakes are because I have difficulty with sound letter combinations and that my auditory memory is very poor.
I have no problem with reading and I prefer reading over hearing.

I think auditory processing disorder would be a far better fit for me than dyslexia.

I sometimes think that some and perhaps most of my social difficulties are because of my processing problems. I say nothing at lunch because I hear all voices through each other and can not understand what people are saying and not because I'm shy. In the past I have thought that I had something like pdd-nos, asperger or ad(h)d too. However, when I got tested they said I suffered from social anxiety and got diagnosed with avoidant and obsessive compulsive traits instead. A diagnosis which I still have doubts about. I stopped therapy because I was denying my avoidance and social anxieties according to them... It felt like they were trying to convince me that I had to be anxious instead of helping me with my problems.
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